12 October 2007

This Torre Phenom

What is the fucking story with Torre? Does he have incriminating pictures of all the Yankees and their fans? Why are you praying he gets to stay? Why are players implying their decision to stay with the team hangs precariously in the balance of Torre's future? The Yankees have been shitting the bed for several years now; make it to the play-offs every year and they choke. Any other situation, any other team, the fans would be calling for Torre's head; someones gotta take the fall, right? But mysteriously, we want to retain Torre; we're hoping all this time with no word means it looks better for Torre to be granted another year and we went through this same exact shit last October. "Torre will be allowed to stay but forced to take a pay cut", I've heard that a few times since I woke up this morning. Who fucking cares? The team choked. Again. Why are you fighting for this dude? What's he got on New York? Why's he got carte blanche? No one else ever has; not a player, not a manager, never in the history of New York City has someone gotten this caliber of royal clemency and absolution. Don't cry for me Argentina; don’t weep for Joe Torre, America. He's had a successful tenure—a dozen years, every one in the playoffs, with four World Series titles and six American League championships—that could land him a spot in Cooperstown. It's time we let him go.

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