18 October 2007

Touché Torre, touché: Torre pulls wild card

I've talked a lot of ish about Torre and the whole situation over the past week or so.

Well now the breaking news is the Yankees DID want and asked for Torre to return but Torre said NO. And therefore, I take it all back; Torre is hereby the man. He basically told the Yankees to "Fuck Off" after all. Touché Torre, touché!

"Joe Torre rejected a $5 million, 1-year contract to return as manager of the New York Yankees today.

Torre traveled to Tampa from New York with general manager Brian Cashman and chief operating officer Lonn Trost. The manager was at the ballpark for about an hour, then left for the airport. "
Y'know, I don't blame Torre. F all this drama and the Yankees always putting this dude on the block year after year; its not worth it. Torre can go retire rich and relax. The Yankees are done. It's time to rebuild and sort out the Bronx once and for all because they've been limping for years.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has already said they will not negotiate with Alex Rodriguez if he terminates his $252 million, 10-year contract. K-Rod, who has three seasons left on the deal, must decide by the 10th day following the World Series if he wants to come back.

"I can reaffirm that, if Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract, then we will not participate in his free agency,'' Cashman said. "That is accurate and that is definitive.''

Good. Fuck A-Rod, too. He's done and he ain't worth it. And keep in mind, this is all coming from a Mets fan.

I'm glad Torre took the power back and told Steinbrenner to go screw after years and years of putting up with him. Now let's see how Donny Baseball feels about taking Torre's gig.

Torre did the best thing he could've done. He bows out gracefully and makes it OK for someone else to take the throne with respect. End.

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