23 October 2007

Update on FDR Beef Death:
Off-Duty Cop Admits to Fatal Shooting

Yesterday we be reportin' about the early morning road beef on Sunday down on the FDR which ended with one dude shot dead and an off-duty police officer turning himself in 24 hours later.

Sean Sawyer, who worked as an undercover narcotics officer in Queens, approached two cops in a cruiser yesterday morning at 102nd & CPW and said "I think you guys are looking for me for the shooting last night on the FDR... This is the gun I used...I thought the guy was armed - make a sign like a gun. I think I'm having a heart attack; please get an ambulance. "

And while the dead man's mother accused the cop of killing her son "like a reckless teenager" and then vanishing for 24 hours because he may have been drunk, sources said the Manhattan D.A.'s office thinks the shooting was justified.

NYPD undercover cop Sean Sawyer, 34, said he saw Jayson Tirado, 25, reach behind his back as if he was reaching for a gun. Instead, Tirado simply pointed his finger at Sawyer in a mock imitation of a weapon.

The standoff happened as Tirado and his posse headed south from Inwood on the FDR "looking for breakfast." Some of Tirado's friends were drunk, but Tirado was sober enough to take the wheel, said Jason Batista, 21, who was also in the car.

Police said Batista initially told them that Tirado boasted, "Let me show you my new Ruger," as he made a motion like a gun with his hand at Sawyer as the two cars drove up First Avenue.

The cop's brother Chris Sawyer, who spoke to his brother and his sister-in-law after the incident, called it a "clean shoot. He did what the city hired him for. You do not reach down into a car on a New York City police officer."

True dat!

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