24 October 2007

Who’s Investing In Facebook: Google Or Microsoft?

Your boy Mark Zuckerberg founded "The Facebook" in February 2004, while attending Harvard.

The title might come to you as some surprise, since the rumour mill focused on Yahoo’s possible acquisition of Facebook has been hard at work for over a year. However, the Post now claims that Google and Microsoft are battling to invest in Facebook (if you can’t buy it, invest in it), both looking for a 5-10% stake.

If the pre-money valuation really reaches $15 billion (Post claims it’s $10-$15B), it means that Google or Microsoft would have to dish out approximately $1.5B for a 10% stake in Facebook.

Remember when Yahoo’s one billion offer for Facebook seemed like a lot of money? Well, it’s a whole new ball game right now.

According to The Post, the deal will be made in the next one or two days, and Google seems to be winning (read: more willing to dish out an insane amount of cash). Other sources, claims the Post, say that Microsoft is willing to offer “any price” to keep Google from buying a piece of Facebook.

These social networking sites are like pop punk bands. Just when you thought it was done and there couldn't be anything bigger, a new one pops up and eclipses them all. Facebooks meteoric rise was very, very fast. Facebook launched in February of 2004.

I mean how many of these fucking websites do we need? They're all the same. They're all ripping off Friendster who was the first, right? Then MySpace came and now this? And I'm sure Facebook won't be the last of them. Two or three years from now we'll be hearing about FriendSpace or some shit. Ah, I guess I'm hating.

Good for Mark Zuckerberg. Good artists borrow, great artists steal and make billions. Bravo! $15B should cover most of that Harvard tuition, no?

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