26 October 2007

Writers Always Get The Girl In The End

The soon-to-be Former Lady Rushdie ran into her old Knight at the Hammerstein Ballroom...

From WWD:

"... the evening's most dramatic moment was a chance encounter between Salman Rushdie and his soon-to-be ex-wife Padma Lakshmi, who saw him at the after party and threw her arms around him as everyone watched. She held on as if for dear life. He held on too. Lakshmi walked away minutes later, sobbing, as a few friends consoled her. She then returned to Rushdie and they began kissing. They separated again. "They are not back together," said one person who knows both of them. "But she misses him." It was heartbreaking to watch, and yet it was impossible to take one’s eyes off of..."

"You should see the size of his fatwa."

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