07 November 2007

Adrienne Shelly much?

with portions from Gothamist...

"The Post has two reports regarding the ongoing investigation of Linda Stein's mysterious murder. Yesterday the police removed a section of her door to further dust for fingerprints and a part of her bathtub drainpipe, presumably to see if her killer washed their hands before leaving her apartment.

Investigators are now saying it could possibly be a "crime of passion" because of how she was killed.

Stein's former lover, Francisco Arena, and Raul Diaz-Bernal both still held keys to her apartment but seem to be in the clear for now after being questioned. Though both had recent tension with Stein, neither showed up on the security tapes from the building on the day of the murder.

One person who was definitely in the building and apartment was her younger daughter, Mandy, who found her body.

The Daily News explores the idea of Mandy Stein as suspect, but her lawyer says she has an alibi. She met with investigators for two hours this past Saturday - and ran the NYC marathon on Sunday. She seems an unlikely suspect, as she was at a business meeting and wearing the same clothes all day - with no blood found on her. "

Also suspected is a construction worker with a criminal record and a swollen hand. Uhh, yeah.

"The NY Sun is reporting that Stein was upset about construction work: "During a meeting at her apartment days before she was killed, Stein, 62, shouted at the superintendent of her building, Edmond McQuaid, because of the damage that the roof repairs had caused to her 18th floor apartment, a source close to Stein said." Apparently there were cracks and leaks in her apartment from the work. "

Do you remember Adrienne Shelly?

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i notice you've copied most of this post from Gothamist (http://gothamist.com/2007/11/06/stein.php). you've also neglected to link back to the original article there. could you please not do that? it's a violation of our copyright. thanks.


Gotham City Insider said...

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