26 November 2007

All Aboooard!

I'm not super into sports or football but I know when its time to jump on a team bandwagon and that time is now and that team is the undefeated New England Patriots.

I'll even start referring to them as 'The Pats' to lend some insta-credence to the depth of my fandom and loyalty. My boy Tom Brady and The Pats pulled out a win against the Eagles yesterday and moved to 11-0. That's right, baby; undefeated!

Them perfect Pats kept their chances intact to match the 1972 Miami Dolphins and, before they even took the field, clinched the AFC East title when the Buffalo Bills shit the bed earlier in the afternoon.

Literally, a bandwagon is a wagon which carries a band in a parade, circus or other entertainment. The phrase 'jump on the bandwagon' was first used in American Politics in 1848 as a result of Dan Rice, 'President Lincoln's Court Jester. Campaigning for Zachary Taylor, Dan Rice, a professional circus clown, used his bandwagon for Taylor's appearances, gaining attention by way of the music.

As Taylor's campaign became more successful, more politicians strove for a seat on the bandwagon, hoping to be associated with the success; people would show support for the candidate by climbing aboard the wagon as well.

Later, during the time of William Jennings Bryan's 1900 presidential campaign, bandwagons had become a standard fixture of campaigns and 'jump on the bandwagon' was used as a derogatory term, implying that people were associating themselves with the success without considering what they associated themselves with.

Let's Go Pats!!!

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