21 November 2007

Bookends: The Book

Old time DJ and author Pete Fornatale just put out a new book called "Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends," which tells the story of the stormy relationship of the legendary rock 'n' roll duo, especially about how that milestone album was finally released in the spring of '68.

It's a good read, as are most of Fornatale's musings.

The 120-page book from Rodale Press makes a perfect stocking stuffer for balding and gray hippies - filled with biographical information, interviews with Simon and Garfunkel and personal observations, and is one of those books that'll make you say, "Oh, I didn't know that" every couple of pages.

For instance, did u know, or ever realise, that "Mrs. Robinson" does not play in its entirety in "The Graduate"?

"Paul was writing a song about Mrs. Roosevelt and Joe DiMaggio and icons of the past, when he was asked by Graduate director Mike Nichols to write 3 songs for his new movie," Fornatale says.

"He asked Paul to change 'Mrs. Roosevelt' to 'Mrs. Robinson', which he did, but Simon and Garfunkel were touring and Paul had a dose of writer's block so all he had by the time the film was ready for release was the chorus of 'Mrs. Robinson.' And that is all we ever hear in the film - just the chorus.

Simon finished writing the rest of the song for the 'Bookends' album."

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