13 November 2007

Brooklyn Councilman wants birth control for pigeons and robotic hawk patrols

Good to see our councilmen and women are still hard at work on the important issues.

Councilman Simcha Felder, a democrat who represents Ditmas Park, Borough Park, Midwood, Bensonhurst and Kensington, announced a bill yesterday that will make it illegal to feed pigeons in our fair city.

The proposed bill would create a "Pigeon Czar" to be held accountable for all the city's pigeon-related complaints.

The amount of the proposed fine won't be known until after Felder consults with the city's lawyers but I'm hearing he's looking for a $1,000 fine per infraction. Good luck with that. Have you ever seen the people who feed the pigeons?

"Step away from the breadcrumbs. I repeat, step away from the breadcrumbs."
Can someone tell me how many of my tax dollars are going to my man Simcha's salary? and this is what he comes up with? This is what he's been working on?! This is his opus magnum; his legacy?!

your boy Simcha Felder

"The people of New York are sick and tired of dodging pigeons and their droppings as they walk around the city," Felder said. "The sidewalks, parks, streets and bridges for our city are littered with evidence that something needs to be done." I'll bet you Simcha's wife got shit on over the weekend or something.

Apparently you boy Simcha began crafting the legislation after receiving complaints that the elevated D and F train stations around his way were bombarded with pigeon droppings. After calling around, Felder found that no agency was responsible for resolving pigeon-related matters.

Felder also wants the city to explore the possibility of feeding birth control to pigeons and adding robotic hawks, which would cost about $4,000 apiece. Um, Simcha, relax.

I live here. I'll speak for everyone else who lives here. The pigeons aren't that much of a problem. Once and a while you'll get some pigeon shit on your windshield. Once in a lifetime maybe you'll get shit on by a pigeon. It's not a pandemic. Relax with the pigeon birth control and the robotic hawks, you are a nut.

Bloomberg has not endorsed a strict pigeon feeding ban, but at he sounded open to the idea of curbing their food supply.

"We do have a lot of pigeons and they do tend to foul a lot of our areas, and people would be better off not feeding the pigeons," Bloomberg said. "Those that are here will find food and they just wont grow at such a rapid rate and we'd all probably be better off."

Bloomberg is also considering selling advertising on the pigeons as a new stream of income for the city.

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Anonymous said...

I informed my grandmother of the $1000 fine and the pigeon feeding community of Brooklyn responded with "disgrazia"