17 November 2007

Can someone explain nullification to me? Also, a tour story.

I stumbled upon this "BME Pain Olympics" video. Its basically dudes competing against each other in mailed-in home videos where they cut off their dicks or their balls or whatever.

Unfortunately I've seen things much more shocking. I watched the video and didn't really get sick, I just felt confused and intrigued.

Apparently this process is called "nullification" and those who live to tell about it are proudly known as "nullos" in the murky bod-mod underworld.

From the BME encyclopedia: (which, by the way, makes a great stocking stuffer for mom)

"Nullification ("nullo") is the voluntary removal of body parts. Most commonly this means castration (and sometimes penectomy), amputation of fingers or toes, or, in extreme cases, removal of full limbs. Sometimes it may also mean the removal of nipples or teeth."

This next bit is my favourite:

"At first glance this may appear to be a deep psychiatric problem, but modern psychiatry is beginning to recognize it as something more valid. To oversimplify, a person has an internal body image -- this body image may not include all the normal body parts. If not, they will not be happy until they line up this internal image with the real world. Nullification may be the answer in some of these cases. "

At first glance?! How about at every glance and every angle you could possibly look at it.

So the video is basically "nullos" biting the bullet and just going for it with speed metal in the background. I just wondered if there was pleasure in this or if it was purely, um, cosmetic.

For instance, is there some sort of famous legend about some great euphoric threshold-of-death-like rush when you cut off your own dick with a steak knife? Otherwise, it obviously seems insanely painful and amazingly dangerous; I don't care what your "internal body image" is.

Are there any "nullos" or BME experts out there that can help me out with some answers? I guess I just wanna know a) if theres pleasure for the "nullo" when the cut is made and b) how do they take a piss after their poor bloody cock is laying on a book separate from their body?

Fun Fact: Did you know there is something called apotemnophilia? Apotemnophilia is the medical term for an individual with a sexual fetish of being an amputee. Now boys and girls, do not confuse apotemnophilia with acrotomophilia which is the medical term for the sexual desire of amputees.

Someone who has acrotomophilia (in the clinical sense) is sexually attracted to persons with an amputation, and may be unattracted to people without amputations, although some can manage by fantasizing that their partner does have an amputation.

In its most extreme forms, a person my be unable to become aroused or achieve orgasm with anyone who does not have an amputation.

This reminds me of a story. We were on tour in Germany once and our singer was talking up this girl all night at the bar. She was beautiful with that strict German face and cheekbones that could start a war and it looked liked my friend was doing a good job making her laugh and smile. We were all sort of walking by and remarking "Wow, he's talking to a really gorgeous girl by the bar".

My friend was probably thinking the same thing; suspicious like, "Why is this model-hot German chick so interested in me?". She was leaning against an exposed brick wall by the bar and he was standing in front of her for what seemed hours. Can you see where this one is going yet?

Just then Eva Braun righted herself off the wall and thats when my boy realised Eva Braun was an amputee with one arm. She'd been hiding it all night by leaning against the brick wall. Amazing!

I'm not sure what happened after that. I don't think her being an amputee spoiled their date or anything, and really why should it, but it was just wonderful to see the look on his face the next day when he told us the story. In fact, I think they may've spent the night together after all.

That night I crashed at some guys house who had this wool sweater maze lapping his room for his pet rat. It was like a giant wool sock that sort of covered the walls like ivy and the rat spent the night running through it like a banshee as he smoked hash and we tried, in vain, to sleep. It was fucking bizarre. I think eventually we got up and went to sleep in the van instead but not before we watched two drunk and sloppy skinheads make out all night in the parking lot.

Ah, those were the days.

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