29 November 2007

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

Here it is, the iconic image of the end of the Broadway Stagehands strike. The Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima of our day. I've seen it everywhere today. But what the fuck are they doing?!

Are they all simultaneously hailing cabs? Ordering hot dogs at Shea? Buying stocks? Bidding on something at a sidewalk Sotheby's situation? Oh wait, maybe it means “Local One Rules” or “Local One Won”? Maybe I'm just dumb.

The lullaby of strikes lasted just over three weeks but Broadway stagehands and the league of extraordinary producers came to an agreement late last night.

Most of the 26 some odd shows darkened by the standoff will open again tonight.

Local One's website has this announcement for members: "The strike is over. Do not, I repeat, do not report for picket duty." Um, guys, usually the "I repeat" thing is for when you're giving a public announcement like over a loudspeaker, a megaphone or some sort of mass public address situation. I've never seen someone actually TYPE "I repeat" in a message before. I kinda love it.
Our fair city lost about $40 million in tax revenue during the showcase showdown because tourists left the famous theater district like an empty subway car with a human turd.

The Producers claim they’re down about $20 million from the strike, but since they'd secretly squirreled away another $20 million in a sneaky “strike fund” over the past few years by charging a few cents extra on every ticket, it means they’ve still got some pocket money, I repeat, they’ve still got some pocket money!

Yes. Yes! In the face!

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