28 November 2007

C'mon now, Crazyface

C'mon, Amyface, get your shit together.

The punk rock Aretha said yesterday she was canceling all her remaining planned concerts this year, saying she could not perform while her husband was in prison.

Stupid Blake Fielder-Civil is being held on remand accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm on a pub owner in an incident in June last year.

Punk rock Aretha has struggled with drugs and alcohol and has been criticised for some of her recent performances. Basically she was spitting at the crowd, they were booing her for mumbling through the tunes and overall just saying her shows were sucking.

Amy said on her website that her doctor had advised her to cancel all live appearances scheduled this year but also threw in a "I can't give it my all onstage without my Blake."

The crowd lashed out against Amy following her shambolic performance from her at London's Hammersmith Apollo last Saturday night.

Winehaus arrived on stage 45 minutes late, by which time some fans were already demanding refunds for their £30 tickets. Many sections of the crowd were booing before she even took the stage. Seemed like they were waiting at that point just to boo her when she finally appeared.

Midway through the performance Winehouse seemed bored and wandered offstage, leaving a backing singer to step forward and take vocal duties.

Ammo looked unstable throughout the set and at one point her beehive hair extension nearly fell off.

While performing "Valerie" as part of the show's encore, Winehouse left the stage again, halfway through the song, this time for good, once more leaving a backing singer to fill in until the show ended.

Yet still she is considered one of Britain's leading pop phenoms and has rarely been out of the pages of the country's tabloids which have closely followed her and her husband's increasingly chaotic (read: wanna be Sid and Nancy) lifestyles.

You may recall earlier this year she canceled a U.S. tour citing health issues as well.

I dunno, Amykins. You need to figure this shit out. The headlines are going to become "Amy Winehouse Actually Turns Up At A Gig" if you keep this bullshit up.

You're 24. Get your shit together, dump that hump Blake, and get your shit on the road. Life ain't that bad, babe. You've got a good thing going here. Give it a shot.

And who the fuck is this Blake Fielder-Civil anyway? A roadie? A groupie? Where ever did Amy find this turd?

which way, doof?

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