26 November 2007

Crude Oil Futures are quoted in dollars and cents
per barrel

from Gawker...

“Lou Dobb's Daughter In 'Apparently Kinda Lezzy' Facebook Shocker

Hillary Dobbs, the Lou Dobbs-faced daughter of CNN xenophobe Lou Dobbs, won't be our Facebook friend but some of her friends will! One of them sent us this photograph of la petite Dobbs in a Sapphic embrace with one of her hard-partying friends, no doubt at some dive bar near
the little school in Boston which she attends.

I don't give an ish about Hillary Dobbs or the fact that her dad may be a xenophobe but I'd pay good money, top dollar, to have Lou Dobb's tell me the price of oil every 5 minutes.

The way he says "98 dollars a barrel" turns me on and I don't know why.

I catch the Lou Dobb's financial report every morning on 1010 WINS as I'm exfoliating my tender scalp and hearing him say whatever-it-may-be "a barrel" is quite often the biggest thrill of my day.

Dobbs on the set of Sleeper 2

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