01 November 2007

Does anyone remember?

Mmmmmm... chalky!

Does anyone remember that space store that was on B'way and Astor Place back in the day? A few doors down from Cozy Soup N' Burger. I think it's an AT&T cell phone store now (aren't they all?).

Anyway, yeah, they sold all sorts of crazy shit from astronaut ice cream to those glow-in-the-dark star stickers for your ceiling. I think it was called Haley's or some shit like that. Someone help me out.

I used to get my hair spiked at Astor Haircutters and then go here and look around. The place was far out for its time; there wasn't anything else like this out there. This is old school East Village, aiiiight?

I bet the guy from Cozy Soup and Burger would know

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