13 November 2007

Dude who OD'd at the Knitting Factory the other night

I dunno about you, but thats how I wanna go: face down on the cold tile of a bathroom in a club. Hey, at least he died getting high. Probably felt pretty fucking awesome for a few seconds before blacking out, right? At least thats what they said in Trainspotting.

Anyway, I'd heard about this on Sunday from 1010; and that the cops were deeming the Knitting Factory death "suspicious". But yesterday it was announced the dead guy was Nicholas Phillips, 28-years-old from the East Village (East 9th to be exact). If you're into creepy, check out Nick's MySpace page here.

Nick was found found unconscious in the bathroom of the Knitting Factory at around 2:40 a.m. Sunday. They tried to revive him but were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead about a half an hour later at NY Downtown.

One of the papers keeps saying he was a "stagehand" for one of the bands that was playing that night; I assume by "stagehand" they mean "roadie". His pic (above) looks like he's sitting behind a merch table.

Brand Nubian, Loch Lomond, Kurious and The Wowz were all playing the Knitting Factory that night and there was also the "2nd Annual Nobody Ball".

Did anyone know this dude? Please post a comment and shed some light on this sad story.
I'd bet this dude is down with Leftover Crack, whom I hate.


Anonymous said...

East Village? So I take it his apartment is available now?


Anonymous said...

he was friends with Leftover Crack.

Anonymous said...

He had a name, it was Nick Phillips. I knew him briefly when he roadied for a European tour I played on several years ago. I only ran into him a couple times since then around the city. He was an extremely warm and friendly guy. Not a mean bone in his body. He was friends with a lot of people, because he was a good person, though like all of us, not without his weaknesses.
The faux-cool attitude of this pathetic hipster blog which slanders his name would have made Nick laugh.
Others it might incite to rage---perhaps even to act out in violence. But that wasn't Nick's style.
Rest in peace, Nick.

Anonymous said...

"pathetic hipster blog"?!


God, you are clueless.

Anonymous said...

Any blog that bills itself as "insider" fairly screams of wannabe hipsterism. The very fact that it links "Die Hipster" says it all.
You are what you hate, little kiddies!

Anonymous said...

If you knew the man who ran this blogue you would certainly think and KNOW otherwise. the "insider" thing is obviously a joke, a mockery of those who claim to be such. I've not the foggiest idea why I am even explaining these things to you. I'm sorry you lost your friend and you are displacing your anger. I am sorry for that, truley. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

You know what?

You're right.

I realize I was just upset when I wrote these things. I was really pissed off by some of the stuff written, and even more by the anonymous jokester comments (which were actually reposted by the same person on another blog) about Nick's apartment being open.

Displacement is exactly what happened.

Thank you for understanding---and I apologize for defaming anybody by calling them by the dreaded moniker.

Death by heroin at age 28 is stupid and infuriating--but everyone who dies is someone's brother, sister, mother, father, or friend and the instinct to protect and defend is hard to suppress.