30 November 2007

From the mailbag

A while back I posted something about Bape. I was trying to sort out what the deal was with grown men rockin' pajama clothing. Anyway so I got this the other day via email:

“[sic] Mate, Bape is legendary, your obviously, no offence, but a bit of a geek. its the latest range of high class clothing created by talented people. try and put some style in your wardrobe, stop letting mummy dress you.peace ”

I was sorta disappointed it seems to be from a Brit. I always thought the Brits new fashion and this dude is dissing me because I don't rock Bape?! Fuck.


Anonymous said...

are you kidding me? adults who wear BAPE gear look like their mummy DID dress them.

Anonymous said...

bape is the most hideous gear around. looks like it was designed by a color blind pedophile. but it's the pretentiousness of the store and its staff that is most annoying. get a life!