12 November 2007

I Find Out About Hot New Artists While Browsing In J.Crew; I am Jacks smirking revenge.

I mean is this what it has come to for me?!

I was in J.Crew the other night doing my thing; getting all Angus Young'd up for the winter and I heard the unmistakable melody of Roxy's "More Than This" except it wasn't Roxy singing it was someone else. "Hmmmm", I thought.

Turns out it was Norah Jones; or someone named "Charlie Hunter Featuring Norah Jones". No clue who these people are. And I thought Norah Jones was the one with the big teeth but I guess thats Alicia Keys? I'm lost. Someone throw me a bone here.

I'm a middle-aged man who finds new music from the radio at J.Crew. I love it.


TheRealityofContestPrep said...

I'm sure you've found some info on Norah Jones by now buuuutt... in case you haven't. She has won 6 Grammy's and has gone 20 times platinum!! She's a good one to know about

Unknown said...

she's also the daughter of the greatest sitar players, ravi shankar who happens to be the most famous classical indian musician ever.