08 November 2007

It's Official. I have seen it all.

A Mutual Fund for hipsters called "The GendeX™ Thrasher Funds". Yes, thats right: Thrasher!

It was "developed and is managed by young adult investors for young adult investors." Sort of like FUBU but with pie charts and graphs and stuff. And pink and black olde english fonts.

"A group of more than 60 million Gen X and Y'ers largely untapped by the financial market place...until now" Dun dun dunnnn. Sounds like a horror movie to me.
Just look at the funds website and you'll do a good old fashioned Danny Thomas spit-take.

They've got some Good Charlotte-lookin' dudes hangin with some Jay-Z flossed out ballas and theres BMXers and motocross shit going on. This is one XXXXXXxtreeeeeeeem mutual fund!

It reminds of when I first realised punk had lost its mind; I was in a candy store and there was a duck on a pack of Bubble Yum bubblegum with a choker chain, a pink mohawk and a nose ring. Thank you, Nirvana & Green Day.

Foreside Fund Services, LLC runs the fund.
"Forside was previously called Forum Fund Services, LLC and was formed as a subsidiary of the Forum Financial Group of companies based in Portland, Maine. Foreside Fund Services was formed and became operational on September 8th, 1998. One of our Broker Dealer subsidiaries traces its origins back to the mid 70's."
Wow! The mid-70's? Now that is some serious history! Fuck The City Bank of New York which started in 1812, this is serious dedication! ;)

So my investment pro was all like woah so I was all like duuude what the fuck you lost all my money and then the SEC was all like dude you're coming with us and I was all like woah bro you're bumming me out.

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