15 November 2007

Kinda cool... I'm hearing striking cast members from 30 Rock and SNL are going to put on some not-so-secret-anymore improv shows over at UCB 307 W 26th St (West 26th between 8th & 9th Ave). I'm hearing 30 Rock is gonna do a live show on Monday the 19th and Saturday Night Live the Saturday after Thanxgiving I presume.

Keep checking the UCB website. It says all the advanced tix are sold out but a limited amount will be sold at the door. From the UCB site:

"The cast of 30 ROCK is out of work! Come see a live performance of their Emmy-winning show, LIVE! All proceeds to benefit the Writers Guild Strike Fund. "
This is fun. Reminds me of being on tour when a show was canceled and you'd leak it out through word of mouth that it was moved to some kids garage 20 minutes away. Who knew Amy Poehler was so punk?

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