01 November 2007

Linda Stein Found Dead

Linda Stein, a pioneer in New York's punk scene who later became known as a real estate "broker to the stars,'' was found dead, apparently beaten to death inside her fancy Upper East Side apartment on 78th and 5th.

Linda was the ex-wife of Seymour Stein, former president of Sire Records, which was the launching pad for the Ramones, Talking Heads and Madonna.

Her body was found on Tuesday by her daughter but the cause of death was not confirmed until an autopsy yesterday. Linda lived alone and was beaten to death but police say there were no signs of a break-in or robbery and cannot find any motive for the killing. Medical examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said Stein died from blows to the head and neck.

Linda, a former schoolteacher, co-managed the Ramones during the band's heyday along with Danny Fields.

Linda and her daughter Mandy outside CB's October 2006

Linda is credited with bringing the Ramones to England for their infamous July 4, 1976, show, which is often cited as the start of the punk movement in the U.K.

Friends say she was very tough, but very loving and generous. Friends and family were stunned by the news she was a victim of violence.

After Stein and Fields parted ways with the Ramones in 1980, she eventually launched a real estate career brokering multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartments for rock and roll royalty, including Sting, Madonna and Billy Joel.

Stein was once asked in an interview whether managing the Ramones or selling real estate was harder.

"Real estate,'' she responded. "Firstly, if you manage a band, every time you hear an encore, every time the audience increases, every time your radio increases, its an upper. With real estate, the only upper is how much you don't owe to Uncle Sam on the check you're getting. There is no high except the money, which is extremely taxable.''

Linda Stein was 62.

The curse of The Ramones lives on...


Anonymous said...

I felt like I knew her because I read about her often in New York magazine. What a terrible thing to happen.

Anonymous said...

I wont miss her. Getting high and disrespecting people. You rich white people are going to have to know your place. Money doesn't give you the same height as GOD. I don't believe for one second the marijuana she smoked had anything to do with her health due to the fact she sniffed cocaine also.