28 November 2007

Mets News

NY Mets fans are a rare breed.

Die hard Mets fans still have hand held transistor radios and hang outside OTB in the summer heat listening to the games.

You know the guy at your local hardware store who sorta hangs out there all day, chews on his tongue and seems a little slow? Chances are he's a Met fan.

Oh, and you know that dude in your neighbourhood with the shaved salt and pepper head who always wears hunter green sweatpants, a flannel lined lumberjack shirt and mutters to himself in the supermarket? Yeah, he's a Met fan, too. In fact, he's still pissed about the Kevin Elster trade.

Anywho, reason being, theres some news in Mets radio land. Yesterday the Phillies announced that Met radio voice Tom McCarthy has signed a 5-year contract with them. The story notes that he'll do three innings of TV play-by-play (4th-6th, the three that Harry Kalas doesn't do).

McCarthy, nicknamed by some as "Gary Clone" (due to his similar Gary Cohen cadence and style) spent two seasons with Howie Rose on WFAN.

Not sure who will take his place. Some assume Eddie Coleman but if they were gonna have Eddie do it, they would've never even brought in McCarthy. I also read that John Sciambi(Marlins and ESPN announcer) had been considered before McCarthy took the gig. So I guess we'll see when pitchers and catchers report to St. Lucie in a few months.

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