30 November 2007

Osama down in the polls

Osama Bin Laden is so over. Toast. Yesterday's Post. Yawn.

His new tape sucks and it's just boring. Dude should've given up while he was ahead. Quit when you're on top.

Now Osama's like some old band making bad records in the twilight of their career, besmirching the classics in the process.

Your boy Osama posted some audio recording on a website earlier today, saying it was unjust for the U.S. to invade Afghanistan for sheltering him after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and yadda yadda yadda.

It's like bro, what have you done for me lately? You're still with this same routine; this same shit. It's getting old. Tired. Useless. Impotent.

Osama was all "the war was waged against the Afghans without right," and that foreign troops have not followed the "protocol of warfare," resulting in civilian deaths. Yap yap yap yap yap...

Osama finished by urging Europeans to force their governments to pull their soldiers out of Afghanistan. Uh-huh. Whatever you say, broseph.

Your boy continued, "With the grace of God ... the American tide is receding and they would eventually return to their home across the Atlantic ... It is in your interest to force the hand of your politicians away from the White House". Yeah, we're packing shit up because it's done and we're bored.

It's sorta sad to see him go but the dude is old and washed up. Done. Over with. Outta here.

Afghani President Hamid Karzai even thinks you're a dick for causing mass bloodshed in his country and dissed you, saying your new message was "ridiculous".

How many times are you gonna denounce the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and accuse foreign troops of killing civilians? Get a new tune, bro. Learn a new dance. Sing a new song.

You're done, bro. We're ready for the new Antichrist because you had your chance and you blew it.

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