09 November 2007

Patrick Moberg and $2 will get you on the subway

Patrick Moberg is whats wrong with the world today.

I'm just so over this messy just-out-of-bed but totally contrived persona with the regulation American Apparel zip-up hoodie and the shy sort of mumbling stumbling bashful and mousy cadence...

This is man circa 2007? This is a 20-something in New York City?

I'll take the fucking Marlboro man over this dude any day; I'd sooner be a Hooters hot wings & arena football connoisseur than one of these "I'm on national television sheepishly playing with the loose rubber on my old Sauconys" boys.

Perhaps Patrick Moberg is the death knell for this drawn out era of self-effacing sheepism?

Perhaps Patrick Moberg will be to this era what Saturday Night Fever was to disco or what Madonna was to electro-clash?; define the genre, stereotype the shit out of it and put a big, fat period on it. Time to move on.

Watch the video of these clowns on Good Morning America.

Don't make me come back there!

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