07 November 2007

Scaffolding: The Aesthetic Sledgehammer

I hate scaffolding. It always goes up too soon and stays up too long. It's an awful eyesore and it makes me feel boxed in from above. And it seems to be everywhere I look.

I especially hated scaffolding when it was in front of CB's for about what seemed 10 years. Scaffolding darkens the sidewalks, it clutters the city and often seems gratuitous to construction sans true purpose. It's annoying, ugly and it kills my high. Everywhere I look I see fucking monkeybars and nets and "Post No Bills" stencils.

Its turning NYC into a fucking jungle gym. Enough with the construction now, OK? Thank you.

Are u fucking kidding me with this shit? What am I a fucking trapeze artist?!

"Caution children standing on their heads crossing"

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