02 November 2007

Speculation on the death of Linda Stein


Yesterday we told you about the murder of ex-Ramones manager turned real estate broker Linda Stein. Linda was found bludgeoned to death inside her exclusive 965 Fifth Avenue apartment by her daughter and a friend on Tuesday. Apparently her spot was maaaad exclusive, like in the movies where the elevator opens up right into your living room. So basically that means whomever killed Linda knew Linda; she may have even let the killer in herself...

Detectives believe Stein knew her killer or that the killer is someone with access to the building. They believe she spent time with someone that afternoon, followed by a number of phone calls - however they have yet to narrow down what time the murder may have taken place.

Cops have spoken to construction workers who were on the roof of 965 Fifth Avenue; the foreman emphasized their cooperation and told the Times that all workers had "signed forms allowing DNA tests and that investigators had fingerprinted them and vacuumed their clothes."

Reminds you of Adrienne Shelly, no?

Cops have interrogated Stein's ex-lover, Francisco Arena, who said they were still friends after they broke up.

Linda with Joey back in the D

They also spoke to your boy her ex-assistant Raoul Bernal, who Stein fired a few months ago after a dispute over commission. Hrrrmmmmm.

Additionally, the News reports that Stein's friends told the police to also look for "high-end marijuana dealers". Stein smoked the ganj after chemo; she survived cancer twice.

I can't see a pot dealer killing an old lady though, no way. I bet it was your boy Raoul, in the library with the candlestick.

All I know is Coati Mundi played a "Raoul" in Who's That Girl? and Raoul was a sketchy weasel of a dude and a cold-blooded killer.

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