09 November 2007

Stein murder case comes to a close at Kellogg's Diner?

Natavia Lowery, the 26-year-old assistant to Linda Stein, has been charged with second degree murder.

Lowery told the cops that Stein was on her back about answering emails and Stein was blowing pot smoke in her face and next thing you know Lowery lost it.

According to Lowery, Linda started cursing at her and waving a yoga stick around in a menacing manner.

Lowery decided to grab life by the horns. She ripped the yoga stick out of Stein's hands and hit her with it six or seven times. Yeah, thats six too many for a self-defense plea. Natavia is fucked.

So anyway, po-po Commissioner Ray Kelly shouted out Kellogg's at his press conference today.

For those of you lucky enough not to know Kellogg's its on the corner of Metropolitan and Union Avenue. This place has served up drunk hipsters from Bushwick-via-Milwaukee for years and years; just a disco fry away from the BQE. You actually walk into this diner through a convenience store. It's fucking bizarre.

I guess the police had first interviewed Lowery on the day after Stein’s death, Halloween. Then yesterday she called complaining about media presence outside of her Brooklyn home.

She was taken for a chat at Kellogg’s in Williamsburg; then she was driven to a nearby precinct (presumably by Johnny Stiff) where she confessed to killing Linda Stein with a yoga stick.

Second-degree murder is punishable by a maximum of 25 years to life in prison.
Not suprisingly, cops said Lowery has a shady past involving an arrest for identity theft.
Sources said Stein hired Lowery over the summer after firing her previous personal assistant. Lowery handled computer work, setting up appointments and handling some of the financial details. I guess she also did shotguns with Stein but apparently wasn't in the mood that day.
Gothamist says:
"Stein "trusted Lowery with her big bucks celebrity clients' financial secrets, including Social Security and bank account numbers." Stein, as most people in Lowery's life, was unaware of her previous arrest. As for why she did it, The Times reports the assistant claimed Ms. Stein “just kept yelling at her," and not just that day, the battle was apparently ongoing."

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