21 November 2007

Super-journalist John Schiumo is to news what Techno Viking is to the Berlin rave scene

Emmy Award-winning journalist John Schiumo smirked last night when I introduced myself as "Dalton from the Upper East Side" and then they cut me off.

There was a buzz that the MTA was gonna raise fares again, that was until they magically found $220 million laying around. Maybe it fell behind an old filing cabinet? Or maybe Spitzer donated his own cash to help boost his standings in the polls. That whole "give the illegal immigrants drivers licenses" thing didn't go over very well.

Schiumo eeked out an Emmy in 1999 for contributing to NY1's "Outstanding Sports Program" on the life of Joe DiMaggio.

And in July 2001, the City Council honored him with a proclamation for uncovering anti-Semitic graffiti in Brooklyn.

How do you uncover graffiti exactly? It's spray painted on a wall for all to see, is it not? Somehow super-journalist John Schiumo managed to convince the City Council that he has the power to see and uncover things that are in plain sight. Amazing.

Super-journalist John Schiumo can do no wrong.

Oh, and if NY1 does one more "snap poll", I'm gonna snap someones neck. I think I could take out their whole staff. Dominic Carter might be a good match, but the rest of them are lightweights.

Also enough with the bootleg Burberry scarves from the $5 Pashmina guy on the corner. It's driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look awful !!!!

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