05 November 2007

To Flu Shot Or Not To Flu shot

"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used." - Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health
So my work is giving out free flu shots to all its employees. I've never had one and I'm sort of tempted but I think I've read waaaay too many conspiracy books to allow myself to be cool with the idea; my boy William Cooper would not have lined up for a free flu shot that's for shit sure. Same goes for Edward Hooper.

Flu shots freak me out just like those trucks that drive around in the middle of the summer nights spraying that shit for the West Nile Virus.

Uhhh...yeah; that looks safe.

I've got too much disbelief in me to relax with this shit and I think its a healthy fear. No pun intended.

Maybe I'm paranoid and maybe its good to be paranoid. Aside from the medical reasons naturally there are a myriad of conspiracy theories regarding flu shots and their distribution.

Theories begin with the well known phrase "Big brother is watching you and me." What better way to do this than by a free distribution flu shot to the mass population. Incredulous? Not really. Medicine and technology have been advancing in leaps and bounds and has outgrown our own morals. Surgery is now being performed with minute incisions, micro accurate lasers, and mini camera's that are being used as the surgeon's eyes to perform intricate procedures.

Since the Government likes to keep tabs on all U.S. citizens with it's census counters, it would be very easy if we all had an identity chip implanted into our bodies. Would any of us willingly go along with this allowing the Government to inject us with a foreign substance that was designed to keep tabs on us and where we go, and for how long? Not likely. So, a plan was needed to be implemented to appeal to the masses. After several scenario's discussed, the consensus was a nation wide flu shot every fall. This way, millions of citizens would gladly line up and get the shot not knowing that they were actually getting their very own unique tracking chip that would stay forever in their body. You would have your very own UPC code implant.

Part two of the conspiracy is a mind control agent also injected into your body through the guise of a flu shot. Again, the Government would like us to be all good little citizens and with the implant and the help of the media, could control our moods, desires, wants, and needs.

Do I think they've replaced flu antibodies with small nanobots that will stay dormant in our bodies until its time for us to rise up like robots and attack? No. But I'm still sorta creeped out about the idea of a mass vaccination. It's too Jim Jones pour moi.

You wanna talk about bioterror and pandemics? Then let's talk mass vaccination.

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Anonymous said...

I took the flu shot in 2003 and all I got was a case of pneumonia and misery for 2 months. Fuck the government chips and all..that shit makes you sick enough to wait in the NY hospital ER for 8 hours to get some antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

Never had a flu shot... never had the flu. You do the math.

Spend your money and energy instead on building up your immune system: vitamin c, healthy eating, exercise, etc. Then no matter what they're injecting, you won't have it in you, and you likely won't get sick anyway.