28 November 2007

Vancouver Now More New York Than, Well, New York

Hey, kids, wanna see what NYC sorta looked like before all you idiots moved here from Michigan, ran the ghettos into the surrounding rivers and found studios in Bed-Stuy on Cragislist for $1475? Well, go see WATCHMEN in, um, March of 2009.

From WATCHMEN: The Backlot:

After a couple months of shooting at various locations and on stages, last week we finally made the transition to our New York City backlot. Since the New York City that is rendered in the graphic novel is so particular, it was very important to me that our backlot speak the same language, the vernacular of WATCHMEN. In addition, the backlot needs to function as many different parts of the city, countless store fronts, street corners, alleys, etc. So, with that in mind, we set out to build own own custom backlot here in Vancouver, BC. In my opinion, the results speak for themselves.”
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