07 November 2007

WBAI GM "not usually a breast man"

Sexual harassment at WBAI?

The Daily News is reporting the boss at the city's "most progressive radio station" has been slapped with a sexual harassment suit by a DJ who claims he gave her an STD. Now that is some progressive shit!

"Andrea Clarke, host of WBAI's "Sister From Another Planet" program, contends interim general manager Robert Scott Adams is a boozer and cocaine abuser who was bent on bedding her from the moment he met her."

Ummm, did the Daily News just write a rap verse?

"interim general manager Robert Scott Adams is a boozer and a cocaine abuser /
bent on bedding her from the moment he met her."

Oh shit! HOLLA! John Marzulli and Bill Hutchinson got flow.

When Andrea Clarke first met with GM Robert Scott Adams back in Nov '06, Scott became, uh, sexually aroused and told her he was "not usually a breast man, but loved hers". What a charmer!

So this is what goes on at BAI?

I would expect this sort of sordid behaviour from the hosts of Through the Opera Glass or maybe The Caldwell Chronicle, or even Talk Back! but not the Sister From Another Planet! Never that; never that.

And none of this shit would've ever happened on Lynn Samuels' or Citizen Kafka's watch!

WBAI is a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station, broadcasting at 99.5 FM in New York City. Its programming is leftist/progressive, an admixture of leftist politico advocacy tinged with aspects of its complex and varied history, such as Freeform radio, which WBAI played a role in developing, as well as various music.


Nalini L said...

My question is, who might have planted or pitched this story at this exact time? There are elections taking place at the station and the fact that the Daily News and the Post printed stories on the same day smells like dirty politics to me. Whaddya think?

Nalini, Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

always wondered why this never picked up more steam, wbai is really buggin out this decade.