02 November 2007

Where you might find me this weekend if I weren't busy doing other things...

Paying homage to my man, the late Tony Wilson, as portrayed by Steve Coogan, in 24-Hour Party People. Sunshine is showing it this weekend as their midnight movie. Saturday & Sunday @ Sunshine Cinema 141 E Houston tickets are $10.75 uh... starts at midnight!

The revered WFMU is hosting their sempiternal record fair starting tonight and running throughout the weekend. "Hundreds of dealers specialising in the out sounds that WFMU is adored for delivering year round will gather for three days of merciless hawking o' the wax, and thousands of area music geeks are already trembling with nervous anticipation!" I think some bands are playing, too. Go here for the full monty. I went one year and it was insane. In fact, I think I came down with options paralysis and left without buying a thing. Anyway, it starts tonight at 7pm, and then continues Saturday and Sunday 10am to 7pm over at the Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street... admission is $6. Bring cash! Buy vinyl!

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