12 November 2007

Xanadu Poised For Glory As All Other Plays Go Dark

This may be Xanadu's time to finally shine on Broadway now that most all the competition has been eliminated thanks to the Local One stagehands union strike.

Monday, a usually quiet day for the Broadway theatre, will be even quieter today, as we enter the third day of the strike initiated by Local One, the Broadway stagehands union, which has been working without a contract since July 31. The strike is the first in the union's 121-year history.

Xanadu is one of the few shows of the Great White Way which defiantly remain open during the strike. Yes, Xanadu, the "rollerskating musical comedy that could save your life!"

"Xanadu delivers upon the legacy of the American musical comedy in perfect pitch, as audiences travel back to 1980 California with Kira, a young muse from Mount Olympus, whose quest to inspire a struggling artist to achieve his dream of building the world's first roller disco is complicated by the prospect of forbidden love with a mortal."

Atención all tourists! In town to catch Les Misérables or The Phantom of the Opera? You're shit outta luck. But don't despair! Head over to the Helen Hayes Theatre and see Xanadu in all its glory!

No one can stop Xanadu! No one!

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