27 December 2007

Alba 77

Anyone else remember this stuff?

Before protein shakes, before diet shakes, before all that shit, there was Alba '77. I'm assuming the "77" referred to the caloric content and not the glory days of punk rock.

Alba came in vanilla and chocolate. I never fucked with strawberry and I got out before they started making the fruit flavours. But back in the day my mum used to rock Alba 77's.

I can still hear my mum's old school Oster blender grinding up the ice and the faint smell of burning metal from the cutter blades thirsty for oil.

Alba 77 + ice + milk? Fuggedaboudit!

I was hard pressed like a panini trying to find a pic of Alba 77. All I found were pics of Jessica Alba picking a wedgie out of her bikini on the beach. Classy.


Anonymous said...

now all they have is alba fit & frosty. my mom drank the 77 too and she used ayds diet chews chocolate flavor. none of that junk worked at all.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I just found this, and I am 2 years' late. I so remember Alba 77. I was addicted. I ate it dry--I just poured it in my mouth straight from the envelope.

Alba 77 had 70 Calories per serving--not 77. There was also Alba 66, which was the hot chocolate version of Alba 77.

jessica alba said...

wow i remember these, they were high calcium shakes or something like that