24 December 2007

Ba Humburger: Veggie Castle Closes

NY Press has reported that Brooklyn's beloved Veggie Castle —named so because it was converted from an old White Castle— has suddenly closed without warning.

Housed in an old White Castle, with décor intact, Veggie Castle quickly became famous for their vegetarian twist on authentic Caribbean classics. HOLLA!

2242 Church Avenue was a place where 110-pound, snarky vegan warriors commingled fearlessly with dreadlocked druglords like a big, happy family.

For a moment, if but just a moment, we were all one; united by fake jerk chicken and savoury soul food. The buffet bar served up collard greens, sweet-potato pudding and, harmony.

And not only did they have a parking lot!, they also had a cure-all juice remedy for just about everything from the gout to impotence.

O, and apparently someone was shot there last week, but that’s not the reason they closed down. I guess Veggie Castle's 10-year lease expired and naturally now the landlord wants to sell the giant lot to someone who plans to tear down the building and develop a new commercial space. Yay, a bank!

Many a hot summer day was spent weaving our way through Church and Caton Avenue traffic just for a taste of some Veggie Castle.

Fare thee well, old friend.

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