14 December 2007

Man Alive And His Dog

But is there anything more wonderful than a dog’s breath in the cold morning air? The way our breath sort of dissipates like a ballet and fades in a ghostly vapour cloud, a dog’s breath in the winter is short, precise huffs and puffs. Like smoke from a musket shot. It’s adorable.

I love seeing a man and his dog walking on a cold morning and seeing their life. It's funny how the winter exposes life like that. Not only does the winter frost equalise the meek and the bold, it exposes the fact that we all must breathe to stay alive.

People standing waiting for the bus in the summer, they're all breathing, their hearts are beating and their blood is flowing but you wouldn't know it. The cold air is like a secret decoder pen inside a cereal box. It shows us what's always there but never seen. It shows us life, working, living, breathing.

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