12 December 2007

Carson Daly Attacked By L.A. Unemployed

I didn't even realise Carson still had his TV show. Now woulda been a good time to send him on permanent vacation, no? WGA strike turns out the lights and when the lights finally switch back on — POOF — Carson's gone and no one would've cared.

Anyway, apparently some striking writers infiltrated a taping of his show the other night:

“Having survived a public buggering following the announcement that he'd be the first late-night talkshow host to cross the WGA picket line and the subsequent publication of his hilariously misguided e-mail plea for gag-writing help from non-union friends and family, an embattled™ Carson Daly had to know that more sanity-fraying good times were in store for him once he returned to produce new episodes of Last Call without his writing staff. On Tuesday night, a team of striking writers infiltrated Daly's studio audience...” more from Defamer

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