04 December 2007

Church Finally Admits Priests Can Be Creepy;
Caveat Edict Bestowed In Cartoon Format

What's next "It's OK to be gay & Catholic" in a Bazooka Joe tract?

A new colouring book being distributed by the Archdiocese of New York uses a cartoon guardian angel to warn kids against predators in what is apparently the first such effort by a Roman Catholic diocese in the United States.


In the colouring book, the perky guardian angel tells children not to keep secrets from their parents, not to meet anyone from an internet chat room and to allow only "certain people'' like a doctor or parent to see "where your bathing suit would be.''

In a comic book version for hipper & older kids, a teenager turns to St. Michael the Archangel for strength to report that two schoolmates are being sexually abuse.

The closest the colouring book comes to directly addressing the church abuse scandal is a picture of a second angel — not the guardian angel — grinning at a priest and an altar boy through a wide open door.


Read / Print a Copy of the Coloring Book

Read / Print a Copy of the Comic Book

NYC Catholic Coloring Book Warns Kids About Predators {AP}

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