31 December 2007

Douche Chill Theater

I haven't concerned myself with the concept of "selling out" since I was about 16. I think ever since bills began arriving in my name "selling out" became a silly concept. Once I was old enough to realise I'd have to buy the salt to boil my pasta, I no longer gave a fuck about the childish condemnations of the privileged and naive.

Now some 14 years later that childish concept comes rushing back and I think I finally know what it means. Keep in mind these are real bands with real songs and real dreams. Gasp.

The pop-rock band is called Early Edison. The other band is called Future 86. It's kinda like having dreams of being a big Hollywood actor and being cast in a Fig Newton commercial.

So embarrassing.

I Love Cable - 1-800-OK-Cable commercial

Actual douche chills...


Anonymous said...

"It's kinda like having dreams of being a big Hollywood actor and being cast in a Fig Newton commercial."


I learned 2 things just now;

1.The added-value of the 3-in-1 package sounds sweet!

2.There is a Hell.


Anonymous said...

those bands sucked.
as all people making music just to make money do,so its not surprising.
they will never be remembered as anything except that cheesy band that did the cable commercial.
they will not be respected nor listened to by future generations.
they will have a little bit of money for right now though, but money comes and goes.
people are taught that life is all about chasing money but these cheese-mongers have no soul and therefore no talent.
great artists and writers often died penniless and unappreciated in their own era, like edgar allen poe, or vincent van gogh but the appreciation of their work and contributions to the world will live forever and they were geniuses.
while the cheesy sell-out imitators will always be forgotten because there is no real substance to their work.