06 December 2007

Fashion Report: Special Edition

The name "winter" comes from a Germanic term meaning "time of water" refering to the seasonal precipitation. The winter solstice—the moment when the sun's apparent path is farthest south from the Equator—is used to officially mark winter's beginning. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter begins on the "shortest day" of the year, December 21 or 22, and lasts until March 20 or 22.

Winter in New York has arrived. Fuck December 22nd. It's here, now. And it seems two fashions have survived another long, hot summer: Men in those fleece ski headbands and women's sleeping bag coats.

Hello, Dorf. You're in midtown, not on the slopes of Vail.

Spice it up with a sweet team logo!

Looking good, brah.

Poor mannequin thinks he's at Barneys


Nobody, and I mean absolutely no one, is more down with being cozy than me and while these coats may appear pretty damn cozy, they look like you're literally standing up inside a sleeping bag! It looks like you might lay down at any moment, build a fire and maybe tell a ghost story.

Which is which?

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