07 December 2007

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!

Madonna's new album is called 'Licorice' and it will be released in late April. This will be her eleventh studio album, the follow up to 2005's 'Confessions On A Dancefloor'; her electro-Clash/nu-disco album which was a bit late to the party but admittedly grew on me after a few spins.

'Licorice' will also be Madge's final record for Warner Brothers. Madge was signed by Seymour Stein back when it was Sire and she was bro's with whats-her-face who was recently beaten to death with a yoga stick.

The NME suggests her new platter, 'Licorice', will be a "dance record with a hip-hop edge" (shudder), "reflected by Madonna's collaborations with Kanye West and Pharrell Williams". When I hear 'dance record with a hip-hop edge' I think C&C Music Factory. And I don't want to think C&C Music Factory.

Meanwhile, Madonna is suing because her upper West Side co-op allegedly won't let her expand her material world into a neighbouring apartment.

Madge filed a summons in Manhattan Supreme Court against the board and management company at her Central Park West pad, a luxury building where she already owns a 6,000- square-foot duplex with its own gym and beauty salon.

The two-page summons accuses the co-op board and Midboro Management of breach of contract for allegedly holding up the sale of Julie Clark Thayer's seventh-floor apartment and orders the transfer of 868 co-op shares to the singer. I have no idea who Julie Clark Thayer is but the Daily News namechecks her so I guess she's just some rich bitch.

Madonna moved into the building overlooking Central Park after she was rejected by the board at the San Remo in 1985. Ya heard?

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