10 December 2007

Making Sense Of The Fair Hike

The MTA has released details for its confusing subway and bus fare hike.

Naturally The Times has some article about “percentages” and “uneven amounts gradually accruing” but we're going to ignore all that high-falutin' nonsense. Most people who read The Times never sully their hands with mass transit anyway. In fact, The Times should be barred from even writing about the subways and buses in triple-word score format. Give us the fucking meat and potatoes, will ya?!

The most important thing we all need to know is that the base fare will still stay at $2.

$2 for a subway ride and $2 for a bus ride.

However, there will be a few increases on the unlimited cards and there will be a brand new two-week unlimited card introduced.

The 1-Day "Fun" Pass a.k.a The Tourist Especiale: Increases from $7 to $7.50

The 7-Day Pass: Increases from $24 to $25

The new 14-Day Pass: $47

The 30-Day Pass: Increases from $76 to $81

Express Bus Base Fare: Remains $5 and the Express Bus 7-Day Pass: Remains $41 - HOLLA!

No word yet on the sympathic paralell increase for a slice of pizza citywide. Story is developing...

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