13 December 2007

Mitchell's List

As Gotham braces itself for the first major winter storm of the season, Judgment Day has arrived for baseball's sordid steroids era.

George Mitchell's report on drugs in baseball will not only finger MVP's and All-Stars but most of the Yankees current roster and well, ya gotta love that; a $900 billion payroll, all the main dudes are on juice and they still can't get it together!

According to one industry official, "several" prominent Yankees will be named on Mitchell's List.

The official, who spoke to a third party who'd seen the final report, predicted, "It's going to be a rough day in the Bronx after the identities are made public."

Apparently, an all-too-helpful ex-Met batboy/drug dealer fed Mitchell most of his info, however no current Mets players are on the list. Coincidence?

The bat boy made some sort of plea with the Feds to lessen his charges after pleaded guilty to dealing roids, HGH, amphetamines and other drugs to players throughout the league. Naturally, part of his plea was to rat everyone out... except the dudes on the Mets. Ya Gotta Believe!

Mitchell's press confrence is today at 2 PM here in NYC.

The first part of his report, my sources have said, will identify players and offer information about clubhouse personnel who allowed roids and other drugs in clubhouses or knew about it and didn't say anything.

You can bet this list is going to be a blockbuster because there haven't been any leaks whatsoever. Mitchell has probably been sleeping with this thing in his ass.

Stay tuned...

LIVE VIDEO: Watch the News Conference Here at 2 PM

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