14 December 2007

A Mobster And A Judge Walk Into A Courthouse...

OK, let's take baby steps here...

Former judge Robert Baer is looking for money from David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos.

Judge Baer says he deserves compensation for providing Chase with background info about the North Jersey mob.

So Baer rounded up a guy named Tony Spirito of Elizabeth who is alleged to be "the real Tony Soprano" and together, they went to court.

Go back and read that again. I'll wait...


A former judge is admitting he had inside info on the mob and wants money for it. And this former judge has brought his active mobster friend with him to prove it. Oh Darwin, where art thou?

I mean, are these people fucking retarded or is it me?!

Tony Spirito of Elizabeth, NJ. The man alleged to be "the real Tony Soprano".

If you're a drug dealer and you get robbed, do you call the cops and say "I'm a drug dealer and I was just robbed"? No. You wouldn't be that dumb, right?

But these two clowns, a judge and a mobster, waltz into court on their own volition to say, "Hey, you know that popular TV show about organised crime — you know, murder, extortion, drugs —well, it was based on us! No need to scramble the unmarked surveillance van. Here we are!"

This is like the serial killer who evades the authority for years and years. And then suddenly someone else is getting the credit for his hard work, killing all those people. And after 20, 30 years on the lamb, under the radar, the serial killer gives himself up because he just can't stand it anymore; he's gotta have the fame; he's gotta take credit and get the recognition.

Anyway, U.S. District Judge Joel A. Pisano had dismissed Baer's suit twice about The Sopranos thing, but those rulings were overturned. And now he's back. The dude just cannot leave well enough alone.

John Agoglia, a former president of NBC Enterprises and an expert witness for Baer, is expected to finish testimony today about what the value of Baer's services could be.

He testified Wednesday after opening statements, saying it could be worth as much as $100,000.

Cool, give them both $50 grand, and then arrest them for murder. Fair enough?

Sopranos creator, David Chase

Something I learned a long time ago living in Brooklyn: the first guy to say "You don't know who the fuck I am" is no one at all. And if you're in the mob, you never talk about it openly. First dude that says he's in the mob, is not in the mob. End of story.

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