04 December 2007

The News from Lake Wobegon Midtown

Went to see A Prairie Home Companion live at Town Hall on Saturday night and it was amazing.

The circus will be in town for a few more weeks, so if there are still tickets available I highly suggest you try and catch it (you can search for tickets here). There is simply nothing else like it around today.

Garrison Keillor really paints a wonderful feeling. I left Town Hall actually feeling like a warm powdermilk biscuit. It was that cozy.

So walking to work today I thought of Garrison Keillor waxing about a Tuesday morning in midtown Manhattan in the same way he does Lake Wobegon, The Gateway to Central Minnesota...

“The warm loaves rising at Subway. I love the smell of sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate baking first thing in the morning. Mmm maybe for lunch I'll return for a "Cold Cut Trio" and several triangles of cheese. Ah, and there comes the enchanting waft of fair trade coffee beans from Starbucks. And fast behind, the enchanting waft of fair trade coffee beans from the other Starbucks across the street. The hustle and bluster of the roaring wind and pounding leather soles in and out of Cafe Metro, Così and Pax where bland is a flavour and flavour is simply a concept where cardboard is an ancient and elusive spice... Ooooohmami!”

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