17 December 2007

Philly Power Couple Fights With NYC Plainclothes Cops

Hey, get one of us by the bathrooms!

Y'all remember Alycia Lane? She's the hot-blooded Puerto Rican & sly Welsh girl from Long Island who is desperately trying to make it big and break into NYC as an anchor, doing whatever she can to stay on our radar, good or bad. It's quite punk, really, albeit a bit clumsy. I don't think Sue Simmons got noticed by NBC brass by slugging cops in the face but hey, what do I know?

A while ago, Lane took photos of herself in a bikini and sent them to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. The email was opened by Eisen's wife (woops!) and mad beef ensued.

Upon hearing about Alycia's loose e-morals, her former Philly co-anchor and current CBS News at 5 & 11 anchor Chris Wragge sent out the bat signal to Alycia and they hooked up. HOLLA!

Lane & Wragge back when they were boffing.

So anyway, the thing with Wragge and Alycia came to an end and Alycia started dating Chris Booker who is currently the host of the "Q102" morning radio show in Philadelphia.

I worked with Chris for a hot minute when he was in NYC at WNEW —during the ill-fated "Blink 102.7" era— doing a gratuitous morning show with then girlfriend Lynda Lopez, J-Lo's baby sister. The short-lived "Booker Show" that aired from 7-11 PM on Free-FM for a spell thereafter was rather entertaining, however.


People have always accused the overtly ambitious Alycia Lane of trying to get her name in the papers and even bribing Page Six editors to mention her.

And now the anchorwoman from the CBS owned station WKYW in Philly got into some front page headline-making some trouble in Chelsea.

Lane allegedly punched a female police officer from the 10th Precinct in the face at West 17th and 9th. around 2 A.M. Sunday morning.

Let's give the floor to The Post:

“The bizarro incident occurred when Alycia Lane, an Emmy Award-winning anchor for KYW-TV in Philadelphia, was riding in a cab with hunky radio DJ boyfriend Chris Booker and another couple when their taxi was stalled behind a slow-moving, unmarked police car, sources said.

When the unmarked car stopped for a light at Ninth Avenue and 17th Street in Chelsea, one of the men in Lane's cab went over to the vehicle and yelled, "I don't care if you're a cop, drive faster!" the sources said.

It is not clear how the man knew the vehicle was a police car, but the three officers inside got out, identified themselves and began questioning him, the sources said.

The petite, twice-divorced Lane, 35, then also got out of the cab and began snapping photos, getting right up into the face of the male cop doing most of the grilling, the sources said.”
I guess a female cop told the Lane to back away, saying, "You can take pictures, but you have to step back" and that's when Lane went nuts, yelling "I don't care that you're a cop —dyke bitch!". Then she punched the female officer in the face and all hell broke loose. Stay classy, Chelsea.

Always the journalist, never the anchor Lane contends she was simply defending her friends after they were being "accosted" by "several" plainclothes cops and taking photos of what was transpiring for evidence.

Philly CBS-3 spokeswoman Joanne Calabria said that Lane was in fact with radio personality Chris Booker and another couple at the time of the incident. She did not know the identity of the other couple. I'm hearing it was Regis & Joy.

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