11 December 2007

Quiet Riot Dude Goes Out On Some Bad Blow

A few days after Thanxgiving I'd heard Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for Quiet Riot, was found dead in his house in Vegas. Well now the coroner has ruled his death was from an accidental overdose of cocaine. Hey, at least he went out like a true 80's metal warrior with a shitty taste in the back of his throat!

Dubrow was 52.

But did you know Quiet Riot's biggest song "Cum on Feel the Noize" was actually a cover? "Cum on Feel the Noize" was originally recorded & released by the band Slade in 1973. Quiet Riot's version came 10 years later.

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Tracey said...

Not for nuthin', but who the f OVERDOSES on cocaine? Like, how much cocaine do you have to do to actually OD on it. IT reportedly was not a "speedball" involving the heroina, just plain ol' blow. Anyway. He is getting wild, wild, wild in a much better place now.