07 December 2007

The Return Of The Golden Suicides

With two remaining pieces of this enigmatic Duncan/Blake puzzle still outstanding —the endlessly teased Nancy Jo Sales article in January's Vanity Fair and Theresa's final posthumous blog entry which was preset as an automatic post set to detonate on New Year's Eve — The Post awakes from its slumber chiming in with a lumbering article by Bill Hoffmann and David Li called "Beck And Fall". They manage to sprinkle some new, albeit cheap, spice on this old stew by easily suggesting Theresa may have offed herself because Beck (I'm A Loser, Baby) bailed on her upcoming movie project. Of course Beck says he never agreed to do her movie, not to mention barely knew Theresa; everyone suspects some sort of Scientology intimidation in the end and lives happily ever after.

I guess Duncan emailed Nancy Jo and said Beck desperately wanted to leave "the cult" and was going to make the movie with Duncan as his 'coming out' or something equally lame. I guess Theresa's movie was to be about two New York prep-school girls who kidnap a rock star, after he told them he wanted to leave the Church of Scientology and they offered help.

The selling point of Theresa's project was having the movie's protagonist played by real-life Scientologist Beck. Umm...

So in January's Vanity Fair, Nancy Jo bares these e-mails written to her by Theresa suggesting Beck pulled the curtain down on her beloved movie development, "Alice Underground", out of fear from Der Kult.

Theresa wrote:

"He [Beck] really, really tried to get away . . . [by] using going to NY to be in 'Alice Underground'. He told me he wanted to leave the cult desperately, and this what they do when someone knows that."

Beck says:
"That's ridiculous. Totally false. We never met to discuss the film. I did explain to her I wasn't looking to act right then, and with the album, tour schedule, and a baby on the way, it wouldn't be feasible. Had we been closer and discussed anything as personal as religion, I would have only had positive things to say about Scientology."

I dunno, lads. Sounds like Theresaface was bummed that Beck said "No" to her movie and made up some cryptic story to save face.

Did Duncan kill herself because of it? I really doubt it. Duncan's ego seemed so big that it could certainly have survived getting rejected by Beck. I mean, it was Beck, not David Bowie!

I don't doubt Theresa was in some sort of swirling oak burl world of madness and delusion. Her and Blake both seemed to have had raging hard-on's to expose the Church of Scientology. And so if Beck turned her down, she probably said, "SEE! THEY'RE ON TO US! THEY'RE AFTER US!!" and quite possibly his rejection (in)directly added to her paranoia which may have lead to her suicide.

In the time of chimpanzees, he was a monkey. Wow. What a genius.

Are you with me? Is this thing on? Yello?

* Oh, so I just passed by my local newsstand whilst on my way to pick up a bowl of 7,000 lentil chili and I spied the new Vanity Fair (Katherine Heigl on the cover - who?) with that Nancy Jo article inside and I'm reading it now, whilst eating my 7,000 lentil chili. I'll report back when it's safe.


Anonymous said...

How can you not know who Katherine Heigl..do you live in a cave or something? Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe nominee..for Grey's Anatomy (biggest show on TV)...star of Knocked Up..the summers biggest comedy...to name but a few. She is everywhere

Gotham City Insider said...

Repeat. I have no idea who she is. Over.

moontaco said...

Possible corroboration for Duncan's claim that Beck was going to be in her film: In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in August 2003, Beck said that he was going to be acting in a film directed by a female friend of his (that is, the feminine form of the Italian word for "friend" was used). He described the film as "Alice in Wonderland set in the 1970s." It was supposed to start filming that fall.

If Beck did talk to Duncan about being in the film, I'm sure Beck wouldn't acknowledge it now.

Even if he did back off from doing the film, it's a big leap to conclude that it led directly to her suicide.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anybody looked into Anna Gaskell's stepfather's criminal background? Her artwork is simultaneously unoriginal and creepy - exactly as Duncan described it.
It is possible Blake/Duncan were trapped in a folie a deux, but there seems to be NO journalistic interest in investigating their claims of being persecuted.
Anyone in Hollywood - anyone - clams up on the mention of Scientology in even passing conversation.
What is going on with Anna Gaskell's shady gangster stepfather and his relationship with the mob-like Church of Scientology?

Gotham City Insider said...

It should be said that no matter how delusional Theresa and Jeremy may or may not have been, they certainly weren't the first to claim they were being intimidated or harrassed by the CoS.

Richard Behar wrote an article some 16 years ago in Time magazine about the CoS being akin to the mafia in their tactics. The article was titled "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power". This was 1991.

CoS founder / sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard, in his "Manual of Justice", said: "People attack the CoS, I never forget it. I always even the score... I never forget until the slate is clear."