17 December 2007


OK, so now I'm hearing an entirely different version of this Minnesota girl who jumped off the Night Hotel on Friday.

21-year-old Jennifer Olson fell 60 feet from a fire escape at the Night Hotel on West 45th Street.

Earlier reports suggested she jumped, but her friend, Tim O'Neill, told the Daily News that he thought it was an accident and not suicide. "After drinking six or seven hours, people aren't thinking clearly", he said.

Now I've heard it was Tim who won tickets to the Z100 Jingle Ball and invited Jennifer to come to New York with him. Apparently, Tim was sweet on Jennifer and trying to seal the deal. Whereas before, I heard the exact opposite, that Jennifer had dragged Tim to New York basically and Tim broke Jennifer's heart by bailing on the Jingle Ball to go have more cocktails.

A witness told The Post that Tim was annoyed with Jennifer for talking with other men at the Perfect Pint and that an argument erupted, prompting Olson to step onto the fire escape. Which is what I normally do whenever I'm in an argument, just walk out onto a ledge. I feel it adds a tinge of urgency and validity to my points.

Tim O'Neill, who the Daily News described as her boyfriend, disputed that account. He said, "All evening we were laughing with the people at the bar about how we met. They said it must have been destiny. We were having a blast." O'Neill continued, blaming himself, saying, "If we had never went, this would have never happen". Yes, please, next time, stay in Minnesota. There's more than enough of you here.

Jennifer's dad had no idea Olson and O'Neill were dating and Jennifer's sister told the Daily News that Jennifer "suffered from depression and was on anti-anxiety medication" —and that her sister's anxiety got worse while drinking: "When she had an anxiety attack, she felt like she was losing control of things. But I never thought this would happen."

So then, it wasn't Tim dropping the Jingle Ball bag that did it. It was one too many Irish Car Bombs and a balcony... Professor Plum, in the Conservatory, with the candlestick.

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too bad she didn't have floor seats