10 December 2007

We Are Not Expolited !

Spied this over the weekend. No idea what it's about.

Dunno if the construction workers wrote it or if its about the store they're building or the one they tore down or what; I wasn't really paying attention.

However, I think expolited means you used to be a very polite person but now you are no longer polite; you are rude; you have been expolited.

photo: Brioche Buns

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Gotham City Insider said...

Bay Ridge Rover is on it, too.

We've been scooped!


""We Are Not Expolited" is found neatly written across the entrance of a construction site leading to a soon to be NY Sports Club above Zales jewelers on 86th street and 4th avenue in the heart of Bay Ridge's busiest retail corridor.

It's unclear who the author(s) might be, in Bay Ridge, the town of tragedy sans irony, it could be anyone from construction workers to holiday shoppers, protesting everything from diets to blood diamonds?"