06 December 2007

Yeah! Our Religion Rules And Yours Sux!

God I love Catholics... Heard this story in the shower this morning. A classic; a real fucking classic.

“Some Long Island residents don't want to have themselves a merry little Christmas tree. They want a big one.

Long Beach city officials planted a 7-foot-tall Christmas tree next to a 20-foot-tall menorah in the plaza in front of City Hall. Some residents are calling it an insult to the Christian community.

City Manager Edwin Eaton says he looked far and wide for a bigger tree but couldn't find one.

Until Wednesday when town residents located a bigger tree. The city now has a 20-foot blue spruce to match the menorah.

The old tree has been pruned of its lights, dug up and taken to a mall.

A lighting ceremony for the new tree is scheduled for Friday.”
Yeah! Fuck that shit!

Those motherfuckers can't have a bigger religious symbol than us! We'll show them who's boss!

God, people are so fucking lame and full of shit.

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